Yvonne owns and operates her industry standard home studio in the beautiful high desert of the Pacific Southwest where she offers professional voice talent services.  Yvonne’s rich, warm voice and voice over technique naturally convey just the tone you’re looking for.  I can deliver a variety of styles including conversational, friendly, relatable, dramatic, compassionate, exciting, authoritative, informative, or trustworthy to help you make an impact on your target audience. 

Add Voice Branding to Your Marketing/Branding Strategy:

“You’re in good hands with Allstate.”  You can probably even hear the Allstate guy in your head saying it.  You’ve just experienced what voice branding can do for you.  People recognize you by your brand. It helps set you apart from your competitors.  I provide professional voice branding services to organizations of all sizes.  When you use one voice for all your communications your customers recognize you instantly.  Fortune 500 companies sometimes use one voice for commercials, promotions, product videos, corporate training, step-by-step product instruction and more because they know the impact that voice branding can make.  I offer professionalism and diversity.  I can help you make voice branding part of your overall branding strategy with a voice that will help you compete in today’s ever changing market.

A-la Carte Services:


E-Learning, corporate training, documentaries, explainer videos, product videos, blogs, medical narration, audio books, and intros and outros for podcasts


Radio, television (TV), streaming, digital media production, internet promos and PSA’s for local, regional, national and international markets and non-profits


Voicemail, IVR, On-Hold


Cartoons, video games, commercials