About Me

I am a professionally trained voice actor who absolutely loves storytelling.  I like to say I’ve lived several lives.  I’ve been a musician, a chemist, an IT engineer, and now I tell stories for a living.  I believe it is an essential part of being human. 

Throughout my life I have always wanted to understand how specific sounds come from our mouths and travel as pressure waves across the air, to then make contact with the ear drum and the brain.  These “specific sounds” ultimately translate into language or “words” that have a profound effect on shaping virtually every aspect of our collective human existence.  What is this singular “thing” that connects us all and makes possible our perception and creation of civilization, culture, imagination, learning, inspiration, belonging, invention, survival, love, and even existence?…the power of language through storytelling is greater than almost anything else that we as human beings know of. 

Imagine if the STORY of how we came to be here was drastically different than what we know now…or if the STORY of how you grew up, as you know it now, was a different one.  Have you ever seen “It’s A Wonderful Life”?  My point is that your life would be different than it is now because it would be based on a different STORY.  You would essentially be a different person.  “Reality” is spoken into existence and anything that lives or even just exists has a STORY.  Everything from a rock in a river to the origin of the universe, and all matter contained within it, has a STORY.  At least for us human beings, there is no life without STORY.  And my STORY?  Well…my STORY is I help you tell YOUR STORY.   

– Yvonne Dunn